About Us

About us

Since 1981, CROPA S.A. and/or GRUPO CROPA DSV provides logistics solutions for cargo handling and supply chain

Our distribution centers in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have an infrastructure of 69,600 square meters, our portfolio of services includes the outsourcing of inventory control and warehousing with three figures: Free Zone, General Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse.

As a last mile service in the logistics chain, we have Cropa Express with nationwide distribution services.

Cropa Fresh is our e-commerce platform for the sale and local distribution of domestic and cold chain products direct to the final consumer. 





Swiss Global Movers,  with over 20 year of experience of relocation, provides service  to corporate accounts and private  customers such as  international , corporate, and domestic relocation, fine arts, packing, crating  and storage,  adding  value  services and competitive price.

Grupo Cropa establishes its head offices in Guatemala , with 5 offices; in Honduras, operates with offices in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, provides a broad portfolio of freight-forwarding logistics services in full container load as well as a broad network of own consolidated load with convenient frequency for an streamlined and efficient logistics worldwide.

It has a human team focused on providing excellence in customer service and constant training, specializing in all the global market industries that through technology and experience in intercontinental qualified freight-forwarding and facilities with industrial security, has come to have a pioneering role in the region.

Among top world’s logistics operators, with a service global network of more than 1,600 offices and logistics & cross-dock facilities worldwide.

It has presence in more than 90 countries covering the 5 continents, combining logistics and freight-forwarding solutions with air, ocean, and overland cargo hubs, with supply chain value-added services, from the cargo pickup to the final distribution.

Provides a complete structure of logistics services allowing Grupo Cropa to be a supplier with coverage.

Corporate Culture

Grupo Cropa is focused in creating highly experienced teams providing them constant training, as well as improving the service quality with values and standards as anchors for the company success, through specific manuals.

Our Corporate Culture is Cropa Raíces (Cropa Roots), a program focused on integrate associates with the company vision.


Our values

Associates development is encouraged through activities that create an appropriate environment, fostering professional and personal growth and achievement, with Grupo Cropa company values and vision.

The core values we encourage are:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Loyalty

Service standards

The standards that serve as our model and guide us to achieve our mission are:

  • Efficiency
  • Courtesy
  • Availability
  • Innovation

Encouraging continuous improvement to generate efficient solutions through teams of associates focused on serving our customers.

Norms and Standards

Grupo Cropa, has manuals and policies that enable a reliable service in all operations, as well as the compliance with international regulations.

  • Code of conduct
  • Anti-corruption Code
  • Anti-bribery and Whistle blowing Procedures.

Control and Security Policy Management

CROPA DSV GROUP is a logistic operator, which has its own resources, infrastructure and technology with the purpose of design and control with success all the elements for our clients; fulfilling and strengthening the security objectives that integrate our Control and Security Management System. We are committed to guarantee the integrity of the process, through a trustworthy management in our logistic chain, according and accomplish with national and international security rules and laws, regarding illegal activities, bribery, corruption and forced labor.

As Cropa, we promote continuous improvement activities, with the objective of having the best human team and risk prevention in all our processes.

Authorized Economic Operator of Guatemala AEO

An Authorized Economic Operator is a legal or individual person, who complies with international safety standards and norms established in the Customs Act and the Customs Service, so they are considered reliable, obtaining facilities in customs since they may be considered partners.

The authorization as authorized economic operator AEO, is equivalent to the recognition of the good behavior of taxpayers in foreign trade activities.

Cropa, S.A. in accordance with the Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria- SAT- (Tax Administration Authorities) in Guatemala, with regards to qualification, rating, Registration and Control of the Authorized Economic Operator, Reforms and Procedure PR-IAD / DNO-AR-09 version 6, have been qualified as an: Authorized Economic Operator of Guatemala, as an actor in the logistics chain in:

  1. Import
  2. Consolidator – Desconsolidator (includes Export area)
  3. Free Trade Zone
  4. Bonded Warehouse

As an Authorized Economic Operator, we support the main objectives of this authorization, among, which is to increase business competitiveness, develop a climate of trust between Customs and the Private Sector and strengthen global security through Secure Logistics Chains.