Consumer & Retail

Today the supply chain environment, and consequently the consumer and retail industry, are facing different challenges than in the past. Sourcing has become global, distances longer and the economy more fragile. Furthermore, the industry is characterized by increasingly demanding and informed consumers.

Our consumer and retail services

 Panalpina has developed a service portfolio with different solutions to meet your requirements:

  • Visibility solutions provide you with an insight into processes on a shipment, an order and item or on a SKU level. Based on that visibility, exception reporting can be conducted, which makes your supply chain fully transparent and controllable (order and vendor management, event management, and performance management).
  • Solutions to improve your cash flow lead to cost efficiencies by looking at the supply chain from a holistic perspective (direct to store, due date management, customs and duty solutions).
  • Cargo management results in the  reduction of your transport costs by focusing on the consolidation of your flows and achieving the optimal utilization of containers (buyers’ consolidation, multi-country consolidation, LCL consolidations and overflow management).
  • Hub solutions focus on supplying you and your vendors with services prior to and during consolidation so that you can concentrate on your core activities (milk run, bonded logistics park, cross dock and Logistics Value Added Services).
  • Global network solutions aim to reduce the complexity in global organizations and to provide a centralized approach to freight management without compromising local actions and decision making (global customer service desk, control tower, freight management and collaborative platform including LLP and 4PL solutions).
  • Supply Chain Analytics allow you to make informed decisions in order to improve your supply chain (Supply Chain Optimization, Network Optimization, optimization of service levels, transport modes and inventory levels)

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