Addressing distribution needs for companies, Grupo Cropa offers services from pickup to final distribution.

It has its own fleet for the distribution of dry and refrigerated products, as well as a distribution network with constantly evaluated suppliers to comply with the service standards of Cropa Guatemala, Cropa Honduras, Cropa El Salvador.

Coordination in any country where our customers’ products require distribution, because as Panalpina’s agents we cover all logistics services worldwide.

  • Special distribution projects
  • Loose or consolidated cargo
  • Express Parcels: Cropa Guatemala has product distribution services in routes throughout the country, as well as promotional logistics projects
  • Cropa distribution service benefits:

    • Personalized consultancy and service
    • Specialized Own Fleet
    • Controls with the best technology (handheld)
    • Billing reports and system to meet their needs

    All the distribution services are coordinated locally from Cropa Guatemala, Cropa San Pedro Sula and Cropa Tegucigalpa, has the support provided by the experience of an extend logistics services portfolio.

    Distribution service portfolio in Cropa Express Guatemala:

    • Standard delivery service
    • Special delivery service
    • Collect delivery service
    • Dedicated fleet service
    • In-plant service
    • Special projects and promotional logistics services
    • Packing and packaging
    • National coverage and with adaptive frequency, as well as technology and Customer Service Representatives for ongoing monitoring.

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Telephone: (502) 2259-0600

Fax: (502) 2471-6131

E-mail: informacion@cropa.com.gt

San Pedro Sula

Telephone: (504) 2559-4006

Telephone: (504) 2559-4004

E-mail: informacion@cropasap.hn

El Salvador

Telephone: (503) 2389-5500

Telephone: (503) 2389-8657 al 60

E-mail: informacion.slv@zofracro.com

Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

Telephone: (502) 2462-4300

Fax: (502) 2485-0860

E-mail: informacion@zofracro.com


Telephone: (504) 2246-8565

Fax: (504) 2246-8401

E-mail: informacion@cropatgu.hn