Guatemala Bonded Warehouse

Allows tax payments upon removing the merchandise in Bonded Warehouse.

Cropa Bonded Warehouse is located inside Cropa Distribution Center complex, which also has warehousing services available as Free Zone and General Warehouse.

Inside Grupo Cropa warehousing and distribution network, we also offer our own services in Cropa Honduras and Cropa El Salvador, for cargo space in Bonded Warehouse and General Warehouse, which allows regional inventory management.

Offers advantages to manage your inventory and resources; providing value-added services of the Cropa Distribution Center.

Service benefits of Cropa Bonded Warehouse::

  • Industrial Safety Standards
  • Experience in specialized product handling

Grupo Cropa provides solutions from pickup to the final distributions with an extend portfolio of logistics services.

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San Pedro Sula

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El Salvador

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Telephone: (503) 2389-8657 al 60


Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

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