Cropa Honduras Distribution Center

Strategic Locations and Offices in:

  • Facility in San Pedro Sula with 16,000 sqm
  • Facility in Tegucigalpa with 12,000 sqm
      • Warehousing service portfolio in Cropa San Pedro Sula and Cropa Tegucigalpa:

    • General Warehouse

    With services from Consultancy and experience over 35 years operating worldwide, as well as benefits in the variable warehousing cost, depending of the volume of occupation of goods, which helps the company eliminate fixed costs.

    Inventory management with web access from any part of the world, which allows them to manage their inventories without leaving the office.

    Customs office inside the complex allowing greater speed and agility for customs clearance processes.

    We have warehouses in our facilities to manage your domestic cargo and distribution in the country.

    From planning your requirements up to the delivery and inventory management systems, product preparation and distribution with technology and quality standards, covering the logistics needs for the domestic and international market.

    Grupo Cropa operation support allows offering services from pickup to final distribution, as well as value-added services:

    • Imports.
    • Exports.
    • Customs Brokerage.
    • Distribution.
    • In&Out and Cross Dock Services.
    • Packing
    • Labeling
    • Picking
    • Kitting
    • Office leasing for customers.

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San Pedro Sula

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El Salvador

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Telephone: (503) 2389-8657 al 60


Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

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