Honduras General Warehouse

Own warehousing services in Cropa Honduras Distribution Center, with facilities in Cropa San Pedro Sula and Cropa Tegucigalpa.

The warehousing operation support in Cropa Guatemala and Cropa El Salvador, as well as Cropa Honduras Distribution Center, have an extend portfolio of logistics services including imports and exports in full container load and a broad network for consolidated load, which allows management of local and regional inventories.

Providing value-added services:

  • Customs brokerage inside the complex.
  • Distribution
  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Picking
  • Kitting
  • Office leasing for customers
  • Access to inventory management via Web and a broad portfolio of logistics services provided by one supplier worldwide

Benefits in General Warehouse

  • High industrial safety standards
  • Exclusion of warehousing fixed costs.
  • Exclusion of fixed asset expenses.
  • Exclusion of costs for internal shipment of merchandise.
  • Experience in specialized product handling.

Contact US


Telephone: (502) 2259-0600

Fax: (502) 2471-6131

E-mail: informacion@cropa.com.gt

San Pedro Sula

Telephone: (504) 2559-4006

Telephone: (504) 2559-4004

E-mail: informacion@cropasap.hn

El Salvador

Telephone: (503) 2389-5500

Telephone: (503) 2389-8657 al 60

E-mail: informacion.slv@zofracro.com

Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

Telephone: (502) 2462-4300

Fax: (502) 2485-0860

E-mail: informacion@zofracro.com


Telephone: (504) 2246-8565

Fax: (504) 2246-8401

E-mail: informacion@cropatgu.hn