Cropa El Salvador

High security and technology standards, with the support over 30 years of experience in Logistics Solutions from Grupo Cropa enable us to provide services to the industry worldwide.

Cropa El Salvador is located in Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, minutes away from the most important commercial area in the country, which allows better timing and safety in the delivery services.

The General Warehouse services in Cropa El Salvador, offer value added services as web inventory access, providing visibility and efficiency in the inventory management of products.

Besides Cropa El Salvador infraestructure and warehousing portfolio, specialized teams operate labelling, kitting, picking and distribution services, covering local or regional companies supply chain, as an stand out logistic operator in the region.

Service Portfolio:

Security and Control

  • 24/7 Private security in all the warehousing areas
  • Temperature, humidity and pest control systems.

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San Pedro Sula

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Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

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