Chemicals and Healthcare

Grupo Cropa provides cost-effective logistics solutions, developed through freight-forwarding experience worldwide.

Grupo Cropa structure provides freight-forwarding services in controlled temperature full container load, cool chain control, qualified handling of products, dangerous goods (DG´s) and chemical products, with facilities under strict security controls and high technology.

Service Portfolio:

Grupo Cropa, provides value-added services such as warehousing and inventory management from Cropa Distribution Centers, located in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, with warehousing services in General Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse, as well as Cropa Guatemala Free Zone.

Warehousing services offer additional services such as online information for inventory management, preparation and product transformation, dispatching and distribution, required for regional management of imports and exports.

The own consolidated load services for import and export of products to the final distribution establish Cropa Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as a distribution hub for America, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

The technology industry requires reliable solutions in the logistics chain which will allow them to address the key needs of production and on time delivery to the distribution channels in any part of the world.

With specific solutions and advantages in constant information, personalized service, reliable solutions of warehousing, access to inventory management, domestic and international infrastructure for product distribution, Grupo Cropa is your best logistics partner.


Strategic Locations

Grupo Cropa Guatemala, Honduras whith offices near main airports, close to access roads to the most important ports, and in El Salvador whith strategic location near the most commercial area, in order to provide more streamlined logistics.

Strategic locations allowing freight-forwarding and distribution to the Americas, the Caribbean and Worldwide.

More than 500 offices worldwide guarantee one supplier for all logistics services.

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