About Panalpina

Among top 4 world’s logistics operators, with a service global network of more than 500 offices worldwide.

It has presence in more than 130 countries covering the 5 continents, combining logistics and freight-forwarding solutions with air, ocean, and overland cargo hubs, with supply chain value-added services, from the cargo pickup to the final distribution.

Provides a complete structure of logistics services allowing Grupo Cropa to be a supplier with coverage.

Cropa Panalpina


Telephone: (502) 2259-0600

Fax: (502) 2471-6131

E-mail: informacion@cropa.com.gt

San Pedro Sula

Telephone: (504) 2559-4006

Telephone: (504) 2559-4004

E-mail: informacion@cropasap.hn

El Salvador

Telephone: (503) 2389-5500

Telephone: (503) 2389-8657 al 60

E-mail: informacion.slv@zofracro.com

Cropa Guatemala Distribution Center

Telephone: (502) 2462-4300

Fax: (502) 2485-0860

E-mail: informacion@zofracro.com


Telephone: (504) 2246-8565

Fax: (504) 2246-8401

E-mail: informacion@cropatgu.hn